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  1. Hi there, i'm looking for sell a personal Battle net account that includes Pink Mercy. (Battle.tag change isn't available) There is what's included in my account: - Overwatch, Game of the Year Edition, since 2018. - StarCraft 2, all DLC + rare portraits from 2013 - Heroes of the Storm 600LVL + all heroes unlocked & beta participation. Here is what's included in my Overwatch account: - Golden guns: Ana, Mccree, Doomfist, Genji, Hanzo, Mercy, Roadhog - 988 Ranked Points - Rare skins, such as: Bastet Ana, Deadlock Ashe, Overgrown Bastion, Nano D.va, Nihon Hanzo, Corredor Lusio; - Zhongguo Mei, Atlantic All Stars Mercy, Pink Mercy, Camouflage Mercy, Security Chief Pharah, Sunset Pharah; - Dusk Reaper, American Reaper, Bundesadler Reinhardt, Pachimari Roadhog, Strike Commander Soilder76; - Demon Hunter Sombra, Cadet Tracer, Slipstream Tracer, Kerrigan Widowmaker, Ocean King Winston. - Total of 140 Legendary skins - Philadelphia Fusion Mccree, Shanghai Dragons Doomfist, Contenders Genji - Bronze Portrait with 5 stars+54 lvls - Tank 3013 mmr, Damage and Support isnt finished, but i got quotes with diamonds and grandmasters both times Preferably traded for a CS:GO Knife 180€+-, but also payment methods such as youmoney, sberbank, qiwi wallet, offer your price. Also contact me in Discord if you want to talk in person - Tartaglia#7681
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